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An update from Evaneos

Trip review

Elmer Sands
Elmer Sands
liked their trip to Mexico

The trip was very well organised and everything went to plan
Trip Details
In family
Travel dates
February 17, 2020
Trip type

Trip customized with a local travel agent in the destination

Elmer Sands
Elmer Sands
March 5, 2020
Best parts:
We enjoyed the sites, The first hotel was very basic but very friendly and helpful The********** hotel had very friendly staff and lovely rooms, Raul was a great guide, genuinely loved his country and interested in its history. He was very courteous, considerate and informative throughout our travels. He appeared very well read and informed on current affairs generally with a good command of English.
Worst parts:
the travel was not that interesting due to mainly travelling on main roads with no view but understandably needed to cover all of the sites. Raul had to leave us to another guide on the Sunday/Monday who acted as a taxi driver rather than guide, had little command of English, Gave us next to no information at any of the sites we had to read the information at the sites ourselves. She was using her phone to text people at traffic lights and when the lights were green on many occasions we stat at the lights until the text had been sent and drivers behind were annoyed. Unless we tried to make conversation she was silent. I cannot recommend her as a replacement to Raul and it ruined our last two days travels. The Hotel on Holbox was not very friendly, restaurant staff were more interested in the TV than waiting on our table even though the restaurant was not well used in the evening often only a couple of tables use. room was nice but the shower only trickled water and was easier to wash in the sink.
Agency's response
Dear Hilary, Thank you very much for your lovely feedback and for taking the time!! Your feedback is very important as it is the only way for us to improve our service!! We are very happy that you...Dear Hilary, Thank you very much for your lovely feedback and for taking the time!! Your feedback is very important as it is the only way for us to improve our service!! We are very happy that you liked Raul!! He really is a lovely and knowledgable guide!! I just forwarded him your feedback and he is really happy about it!! Less good was his replacement and I really want to thank you for letting me know!! To be honest, I did not know that there was a replacement with Miss X until the very last day when you were already in Holbox!! I was not amused and as your case was the second case that was not satisfied with her, so we now decided to definately stop working with her!! Therefore thank you very much for your honest feedback, not only concerning her but also the Hotel in Holbox. We asked the hotel why they did not fix your shower and they menntioned that there was no issue mentionned. It is very imporant to address problems immediatley in order to improve the situation. Right now for us its a little bit difficult to prove that thowards the hotel but we definately took notice!! Thank you also very much for that!! By the way, I agree, on Mexican highways there is not much to see :-) That is true! I am very happy that overall you had a good time in Mexico and that you flew back with many wonderful memories!! Please come back and visit us soon!! All the best to you three wonderful ladies!! Saludos IvanaSee more
Evaneos' response
Thank you for your feed back! See you around the world!
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